New PC Build

If you’re into gaming and deep learning, you need to own a GPU. For years I was working with an older GPU (GTX 960M), but I thought it was time to upgrade. But wait, should I get a laptop, a pre-built desktop, or just build my own ? It took me weeks to decide, and now I can say that I don’t regret my decision in hindsight. I ended up assembling a desktop from scratch, and I must say, it was a great experience !

Why build your own desktop?

There are multiple advantages:

  1. Cost Effective
    • It’s way cheaper as compared to buying pre-built desktops.
    • There are plenty of options on the market, like HP Omen series, CLX custom builds, ROG desktop series, etc. I ended up adding better parts and saved approximately 600$ !
  2. Customizable and Upgradable
    • If a part falls out, it might not be easy to replace it in a pre-built desktop. I’ve read about such builds having little to no space b/w parts.
    • Future GPU and CPU upgrades are easier if you’ve installed the parts yourself.
    • Normally, people end up adding more fans which prolongs the life of CPU and other components.

Part List

Here is a list of parts I used:


  1. I would recommend replacing the CPU cooler with another one, since the mounts on this one didn’t fit the AM4 socket on the motherboard.
  2. Currently, there is a massive chip shortage due to covid and other supply chain issues in China. GPUs are hard to come by. I would recommend buying a used GPU (make sure it wasn’t used for crypto mining), or asking a friend who works at Nvidia to get you one.
  3. I found the following websites to be extremely useful: